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The Impossible Funding Puzzle

The New Zealand population currently suffers under colonial-era-originated money-system funding-structures.


The Impossible Funding Puzzle

In this video, I explain the counterfeit-credit pyramid-fraud of the colonial-era-originated money-system funding-structures we endure - unnecessary and absurd structures of "value creation" that are now destroying more means of life than they produce masked as "enhancing people's well-being" (ie, The Cancer Stage of Capitalism).

Globally, 18 million deaths a year are caused by structural violence, compared with about 100,000 deaths per year from armed conflict. That is, approximately, every 15 years as many people die because of relative poverty as would be killed in a nuclear war that caused 232 million deaths, and every single year, two to three times as many people die from poverty throughout the world as were killed by the Nazi genocide of the Jews over a six-year period.

This is, in effect, the equivalent of an ongoing, unending, in fact accelerating, thermonuclear war or genocide, perpetrated on the weak and poor, every year of every decade, throughout the world.
— Dr. James Gilligan, Author - Violence