Changing the Conversation


Understanding Market Theology

Beneath the notice of the social sciences, I will argue, market theory and practice together depend on a core structure of presuppositions of a necessary and benevolent design which constitutes an unacknowledged religious metaphysic.
— Dr. John McMurtry, Understanding Market Theology, 2004.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Market Theology
  2. The Rationalist Religious Origins

  3. The Foundational Idea: The Invisible Hand

  4. The Market's Doctrine of System Magic

  5. The Taboo Against Economic Self-Determination

  6. The Religio-Moral Metaphysic As Scientific Fact

  7. The Problem of Freedom

  8. The Moral Grammar of the Market Doctrine

  9. The Justification by Individual Freedom

  10. The Unfalsifiability o f the Market Theology's Principles o f Rule

  11. The Global Market Theocracy