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VIDEO: Scott Andrew breaks down The Great Reversal @ election candidate debate 20/09/2017


In this 2017 election candidate debate, I lay bare the inner logic of the cancer system and break down the inner logic of The Great Reversal that follows from it. Debate held 20 September 2017, Palmerston North, New Zealand.


The meaning is clear. Valid law is a collective life capital formation providing the rules to live by that coherently protect and enable life. Human rights are instituted claims of all to what enables their life capacities to be realised as human. Sustainability is of collective life capital, or it is a fraud. Intergenerational equity is access to collective life capital across generational time without loss, or it is a lie. Throughout we see a missing life base presupposed but not yet conscious or defined. Throughout we see that the ruling money-sequence value mechanism is incompetent to comprehend it.