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About me

A human being deeply concerned with the current state of civilization.

Our failures are a consequence of many factors, but possibly one of the most important is the fact that society operates on the theory that specialization precludes comprehensive thinking. This means that the potentially – intergratable – techno – economic advantages are not comprehended intergratively and therefore are not realized…
— R. Buckminster Fuller, Engineer (1895-1983)

About me

Only a Tiny Part of the Growing Global Social Immune System Response.


Heavily influenced by the life's work of Dr. John McMurtry and the work of The Zeitgeist Movement - along with many other modern thinkers and thinkers throughout history - I am simply a human being deeply concerned with the current state of civilization. In my most personal conversations and writings, I have no hesitation expressing my contempt for the current archaic and imposed planetary operating system and corresponding culture, which is provably driving us towards complete and total social and environmental destruction.

I am not alone.

There is a growing global social movement that argues for a large-scale change in human culture, specifically in the context of economic practice. In short, the dominant theme regarding our new shared modern scientific understandings is that the current socioeconomic system governing the world at this time has severe structural flaws, born out of primitive economic and sociological assumptions originating in our early history, where the inherent severity of these flaws went largely unnoticed.

Peter Joseph and Scott Andrew at ZDAY Global - Brisbane, Australia - March 2017

Peter Joseph and Scott Andrew at ZDAY Global - Brisbane, Australia - March 2017

However, in the early 21st century, these problems have risen prominently, taking the consequential form of increasing social destabilization and ongoing environmental collapse. My perceived 'crusade' isn't simply about explaining such problems and their root causality - it is also about posing concrete solutions, coupled with a new perspective on social/environmental sustainability and efficiency which, in concert with the tremendous possibility of modern technology and a phenomenon known as ephemeralization, reveals humanity's current capacity to create an abundant, post-scarcity reality.

While largely misunderstood as being 'utopian' or fantasy, the solution I advocate - a resource-based economic model - is the self-evident solution arrived at by following the step by step train of thought and technical industrial reordering needed to update our global society (and its values) to actually solve our current escalating problems and enable these profound new possibilities. The social cancer we are dealing with is a disease we have created and instituted ourselves, and it can be changed. To pretend this value-system disorder is empirical to the human condition ("human nature") shows an absolute ignorance of our modern scientific understandings in this regard, human history and the massive social shifts that have already occurred during our short time on spaceship Earth.

Both myself and my 'Limited Liability Company' abstraction Synergy Shift NZ - along with many other organisations on the Planet Earth - are working towards the immutable social imperative of a sustainable planetary operating system and culture. For me personally, this imperative exists in every single moment of my every day life, by conducting social therapy in all of my social interactions and by producing relevant media in an attempt to correct this imposed cancerous value-system disorder. I am also part of a community of bloggers from the Australasian region of Planet Earth, writing for the website Social Rebirth in support of this new immutable social direction.

The uncreative mind can spot the wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot the wrong questions. The question has never been: Do we have the money? The question has always been: Do we have the resources?
— Jacque Fresco

I am not following any 'guru' or 'leader'. If you don't agree with something I put forward, then you're not actually disagreeing with me - you're disagreeing with the information. I am completely irrelevant. Unfortunately, the current culture has a tendency to ignore this reality and instead to often 'shoot the messenger'; which often results in every day challenges for those aware of these new modern scientific understandings when it comes to the constant need to justify one's right to exist within the current imposed economic model ("jobs"). However, given the undeniable emerging scientific and technological trends at hand, judging the messenger for their communication makes absolutely no sense. The only criticism that is relevant in this regard is in relation to the information itself and how it holds up to critical analysis against the benchmark of our scientific method of evaluation.