Changing the Conversation

2017 Election Campaign

In September 2017, I stood for the Palmerston North electorate seat, in association with Money Free New Zealand.

Re-grounding in Collective Life Capital re-sets evolutionary theory itself, in which only self-gene multiplication counts - the biological correlative of the multiplying money-mechanism.
— John McMurtry, Author - The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure

SYSTEM CLASH: CHANGING THE CONVERSATION. In this video, I explain the purpose of my election campaign, September 2017.


VIDEO: In this 2017 election candidate debate, I lay bare the inner logic of the cancer system and break down the inner logic of The Great Reversal that follows from it. Debate held 20 September 2017, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

The basic train of thought is this: There are requirements of us in order to live on the type of planet that we live on. This planet does not have infinite resources, hence we can not live in an infinite growth paradigm. That’s the end of that argument. Look, we have to realign our values and our attitude with regards to the actual environment we live in, not some paradigm invented by economists. And at the same time we can actually improve our life, improve the lives of everybody and everything by the sensible use of technology.
— Ben McLeish, The Zeitgeist Movement

SYSTEM CLASH: OPERATING PARAMETERS - In this video, I explain some of the core Operating Parameters of the new emerging social model.

People think in terms of a “democracy”, which is obviously not possible in this economic system. If you have more money to advertise your position, the position you desire in government, that isn’t a democracy! It serves those in positions of differential advantage, so it is always a dictatorship of the elitists - the financially wealthy.
— Jacque Fresco, Social Engineer (1916-2017)